Myth: "One pill was good; two ought to be even better."

Reality:  Taking a dosage that's larger than the prescribed amount can be very dangerous and, occasionally, fatal.  Always be safe and follow the instructions.

Myth: "If it works for someone else, it'll work for me"

Reality:  A medicine's effect depends on an individual's condition, tolerance and the drug itself.  What works for one person can be harmful to another.  Never take another person's prescription, and never give your prescription medicine to someone else to take.  It's unsafe and illegal.  Always be safe and know the law.

Myth: "My kids would never get into my medicine"

Reality:  Your prescription pain medications can tempt some teens into trying them to get "high" or to experiment.  Little ones may thing they're candy or take them by mistake.  Keep your family safe and learn how to safely store your medicine in a secure place.

Myth: “It’s safer to abuse prescription medicine than illicit substances.”

Reality:  Studies indicated teens and college-age people think prescription medicines offer a safer alternative to drugs than cocaine or heroin.  The reality is more people die from overdoses of prescription drugs than cocaine or heroin.  Know the facts.

Myth: “It came from a doctor, so it has to be safe.”

Reality:  If the doctor did not intend for you to take the medicine, you cannot assume it's safe for you.  Again, never take someone else's prescription.  It's unsafe and illegal.  Know the law.

Myth: "My doctor won’t let me get addicted to pain medicine.”

Reality:  While doctors don't want to see their patients become addicted, many are not trained in addiction or pain management.  And follow-up often doesn't happen.  Know the benefits and dangers of your medicine.


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